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Dolby Atmos - Spatial Audio Master

Dolby Atmos - Spatial Audio Master


Dolby Atmos, immersive mix is the next level in spatial audio. Apple Music, Tidal, Movie, and Gaming platforms have already begun offering this music experience and these platforms are prioritizing this music format. 


Take advantage and send your session stems to for Dolby Atmos mixing and give your listeners the same experience the major labels offer. For large session orders, you can send stems for a quote or use the "Quote Request" form and receive an estimate. 


Properly organized sessions will ensure a quick turnaround time.

  • Tailor Made Service

    This is an official "Legendary Mix" service, which means no short cuts, and no one size fits all presets. Join the wave of immersive audio and allow your fans enjoy your music on Dolby Atmos platforms. 

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  • Revision Policy

    This is an online service. Our service is top notch and our customers always walk away satisfied. Unlike merchandise, time is valuable and cannot be returned. Therefore we don't offer a return on funds.

    We extend 3 days for customers to REVIEW their delivery of 2 REVISIONS per order. That is usually enough to get every detail correct. Anything beyond the 3 DAYS & 2 REVISIONS will cost $10 for each revision after that.

  • Delivery Info

    This is a digital product, therefore your order will be delivered digitally online to ensure the fastest and most efficient transfer possible.


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