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2 Music Royalty Platforms That Will Boost Your Music Income

So you've honed your craft, recorded your tracks, and in a perfect world had them sent to the pros at to have them mixed and mastered to perfection. Now they're out in the world, but are you getting all the royalties you're owed? If you're like many artists, the answer is likely no. This is where two essential services come into play, helping you unlock hidden revenue streams that you might not even know existed.

The Unseen Challenges of Music Royalties

Navigating the labyrinth of music royalties can be daunting. Performance rights, mechanical royalties, synchronization fees—the list goes on. Each type of royalty comes from a different source, and they can easily slip through the cracks if you're not vigilant. It's not just about getting paid; it's about ensuring you're paid fully and fairly for every use of your music.

The Game-Changing Solutions

Imagine there's a way to simplify this complex process, to ensure you're collecting every dollar you're owed without the hassle. This is where our two pivotal services come in. These platforms have revolutionized royalty collection, making it accessible and straightforward for independent artists and seasoned professionals alike. But who are these industry game-changers?

#1 Meet Your Publishing Right Manager

First, let’s talk about Songtrust. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s time to take note. Songtrust offers a comprehensive solution for managing your music publishing rights. By registering your songs with Songtrust, you ensure that your works are registered in over 60 global territories, maximizing your royalty collection from all corners of the world.

Songtrust simplifies the process of music publishing by handling the registration, collection, and distribution of royalties on your behalf. This means you can focus on creating music while they handle the tedious, yet crucial, task of royalty administration.

One of the most significant advantages of using Songtrust is its transparency. You get detailed reports on where your royalties are coming from, providing valuable insights into your music’s performance across different platforms and regions. This data can be instrumental in shaping your career strategies and understanding your audience better.

#2 Meet the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC)

Now, let’s introduce another powerhouse: The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC). The MLC is a crucial organization mandated by the Music Modernization Act to administer blanket mechanical licenses to eligible streaming services in the U.S. But what does that mean for you as an artist?

Mechanical royalties are generated from the reproduction of your music—think of streaming services, downloads, and physical sales. These royalties can be substantial, but they're often overlooked or misunderstood. The MLC ensures that these royalties are accurately collected and distributed to the rightful copyright owners.

By signing up with the MLC, you are guaranteeing that you receive mechanical royalties from digital service providers (DSPs) like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. It’s a critical step to ensure no money is left on the table. The MLC also provides tools and resources to help you understand the mechanical licensing process, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your music rights.

Why These Services Matter

So, why should you care about Songtrust and the MLC? Here’s the crux: without these services, you are likely missing out on significant revenue. Music is a global business, and your rights need to be managed on a global scale. These platforms provide the infrastructure and expertise to ensure that your music is tracked, your royalties are collected, and your earnings are maximized.

Moreover, the convenience factor cannot be overstated. As an artist, your primary focus should be on creating and performing music. Administrative tasks like tracking down royalties can be time-consuming and confusing. By leveraging the services of Songtrust and the MLC, you can offload these tasks to experts who will ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Taking the Next Step

In conclusion, if you're serious about your music career, integrating Songtrust and the MLC into your business strategy is a no-brainer. These services are designed to protect your rights and ensure you get paid what you deserve.

Don’t leave money on the table. Take control of your music royalties today and let these powerful tools work for you. The sooner you do, the sooner you can focus entirely on what you do best—making music.

Discover the untapped potential of your music revenue with Songtrust and the MLC. It’s time to turn your passion into a thriving career.

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